How to get from Sydney to Miami with points?

Hi. Seeking advice which is the best route and airlines to use to fly to Miami from sydney Australia, using frequent flyer points. There are 5 addults and want to fly J class. Can be a mix of 3 pax J class and 2 pax F class with minimal stops. I have ff points with Amex, Qantas, Virgin and Singapore airlines. Wanting to fly out on 26/27 December 2019 returning 17 days later approx . Thanks in advance for your advice.


As there are no response to the question, I am trying to reach out to see whether you have had any luck with that and see whether I can try and help in anyway.

I’m sure you already know that the dates that you would like to travel on are in the Xmas period, which is one of the most popular time to travel in the year. Couple that with popular transpacific flights and competing with millions of Qantas members, it is very challenging indeed if you do not have Gold or higher Qantas status.

Personally, I find that it is quite challenging to find anything more than 2 award seats on most ff programs. So, it may have to come to splitting into 2 travel parties or buying some of the seats with $. If you have Qantas Platinum/Platinum one status, I have heard that you can request for award seats to be open.

You might have better chance going via Asia. I find the bottle neck is usually flights in and out of Australia. Once you are in Asia, the options open up substantially.