How to get from Sydney to Europe or America with Qantas points?

Hi Point Hacks community!

Long time reader first time posting a question…hopefully some one can help!

Have 130k qantas points and am looking at redeeming them for a business fare to either Europe or America towards the back end of November this year.

Any advice on specific routes to take to maximise the value or get it cheaper would be appreciated.

Thank you!


I have two thoughts:

  • A business reward seat to almost any destination is already, by definition, "maximum value". Don't worry too much about squeezing every last drop of value out of your points. Especially given your timeframe (you want to fly relatively soon) and destinations (which are generally quite high-demand), if you find a business class seat to a destination you're happy with and on a date you're happy with, grab it. You're getting maximum value, or close to it.
  • In terms of getting to Europe, you only have enough Qantas points to fly Qantas or Emirates (128,000 points for a business redemption). Flying another airline (Qatar, Cathay, Malaysian etc) will set you back 139,000 points. So if you're wanting to go to Europe, the short answer to your question about maximising the value is simply... fly Qantas or Emirates.
Hope this helps!

Thank you!


Great response, really appreciate it.


Thinking the SYD via DBX with emirates could be the option.


Any preference of yours EMIRATES or QANTAS?