How to get from Orlando to Melbourne in Oct 2022 with Qantas or Velocity pts?

Hi Everyone!
Fairly new to FF redemption but availability seems to be all over the place! I have points with Velocity (useless) and Qantas FF but nearly no status. Is this why I’m not seeing flights or are they still coming back online?

I can currently book MCO - JFK - Tokyo (Haneda, Narita) - MEL but I’m hoping for better options, currently I can’t even see flights direct LAX to MEL! Should I just keep waiting??

TIA ~ Luke

Your Velocity points might not be completely useless! Delta is a partner of Velocity and they fly from LAX to SYD. It might be worthwhile looking into an itinerary of MCO - LAX - SYD - MEL.
Have a look if Delta has any award space.

As for Qantas, there aren’t award spaces because of two reasons. One, when they are released, status holders get access to award seats further into the calendar so they’d snap up new releases. Second, demand is high overall so those flights especially between Quarantine free places are in high demand.
A thing to note with the Japan routing is that you’d have to transfer between airports and that is really not ideal. I’m not sure if this is allowed right now, given Japan doesn’t allow for Quarantine free entry.