How to get from Europe to Melbourne with Qatar Avios?

I transferred points from Amex rewards to Qatar Avios. The points arrived instantly but no bonus 20% points yet from Amex, might take a few days?. I’m looking at returning from England in late July next year or I could move to another airport on the continent. Pointhacks indicated business flights for only 90,000 points (News on 10July). I can’t find any of these from any airport. Any suggestions? Should I wait a while and see what else they release?

Unfortunately, a lot of the 90K points flights have been redeemed. They are the cheapest Saver level award seats that are released. There is a chance that more will be released later but it is not a guarantee. Broaden your options in terms of departure points outside of the UK, across Qatar’s route network and you might have better luck. I find often the constraint is not in leaving Europe, but the flight from Qatar back into Australia.