How to get from Brisbane to New Jersey with ANZ Black Reward points?

Hi guys,
I need to plan a return trip from Brisbane QLD to NJ USA and I would highly appreciate any advice on what the smartest way to travel / use points is. Here are the specifics:
Credit Card: ANZ Black Rewards
Current Credit card points 200.000
Expected accumulated CC points by travel date 300.000-350.000
Velocity member: Only 6500 points at the moment
It will be only myself traveling
Preferred travel dates 7-18 May 2018 (flexible)
I would like to travel with a reliable and respected airline that has good service (no budget)
Minimum seat requirement premium economy or higher (I want to travel comfortably being a long flight)
Finally I am also interested to have travel insurance. I am not sure what changes have been made recently but I know when I first signed up with ANZ Black Rewards travel insurance was included.
Thank you for your time!
P.S. How can I book the flight through point hacks when the time comes?

Personally, for your circumstances, I would recommend flying to JFK via HKG with Cathay Pacific.

Asia Miles, Cathay Pacific’s FFP, can be used on Cathay Pacific, their airlines partners and other oneworld airlines. It is also cheaper to book a return ticket.

  • one-way business - 110k AM (330k ANZ pts)
  • return business - 175k AM (525k ANZ pts)
  • one-way prem econ - 84k AM (252k ANZ pts)
  • return prem econ - 132k AM (396k ANZ pts)
You would need to have the required points to redeem an award ticket. Point Hacks do not provide award booking service. We only provide guides and info on frequent flyer points, credit cards, etc.

Thank you very much for that! Also, apologies for late response ?