How to get from Brisbane to Las Vegas in June 2023 with Amex points?

Hi all, newbie here, thought I’d reach out for looking for advice if possible.

Any recommendations for last minute type flight bookings using points (currently have 3m in amex points) flying Sydney to Vegas (end of June 2023) i.e. which airline to fly / what program to transfer points to / upgrades to business class etc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance

You should fly with whatever airline and use whatever program has award space to get you to Vegas. AMEX transfers to all the major programs in Australia (except Qantas unless you have the Platinum card) so just transfer to the one that has award space once you’ve found it and book!

If you want business, you should just book business as there is very little chance of upgrading if you don’t have elite status with the airline.

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