How to fly to from Brisbane to Japan during cherry blossom season 2019 with points?

I am planning to travel to Japan during long Easter holiday in April to see cherry blossoms.

I can depart from Brisbane or Gold Coast, Preferably would like to have direct flight, if not max of 1 stop.

Departure date 18-19 April and return to Brisbane 27-28 April. I am flexible to change these dates to max of 3 days before or after aforementioned dates.

Have around 5144 Velocity points, 32 Status credits and 70,000 Flybuys points and negligible Qantas points.

And 2 persons traveling, (my wife only got 1964 Velocity points and 22 Status credits in her account!)

My plan is to buy right economy ticket and then upgrade, what do you think? are you able to help me out and book flights for me?

oh and we are planning to just visit to be based in two main cities, of course one Tokyo and another dont know yet, maybe down south , (maybe wrong direction to see cherry blossom)

so will land in one city and return back from another city, any idea for another city to be which city ?

Which cities apart from Tokyo we can depart and return to Australia?

Thank you so much in advance

It is really a minimal points balance and unfortunately Virgin Australia doesn’t fly to Japan at all meaning no chance of an upgrade with your velocity points. I’d suggest you keep collecting and wait for a good transfer bonus to transfer your flybuys points to Velocity. Keep earning and be sure to turn on family pooling (on points or statuscredits or both) to help you earn those flights faster.

But right now, buying regular economy tickets is the way to go.

Thanks dtech, what if I buy Singapore flights via Virgnin website from BNE to SIN and then to Japan,

Can I upgrade or use part of those velocity points for my Singapore flights?

Unfortunately, you can’t use Velocity points to upgrade Singapore flights. Keep in mind that international flight upgrades with Velocity is only on Virgin Australia operated flights. Domestic and International Short-haul can be upgraded with velocity points but long-haul virgin australia flights are only available for upgrade by Gold or higher members.

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