How to fly to Europe in Sep/Oct 2023 with Qantas points?

Hi Community,

We’ve just accrued enough Qantas points (we hope) to fly Adelaide to Europe in business for 2 people (650k points). I’m only a bronze member and know that if booking a Qantas flight I will have to wait 297 days. Will this still apply if we book through Qantas on another airline? I am thinking of having a crack at the AwardLogic to find available reward seats.

Do any of you gurus have any suggestions on where has the most availability is to get me started? I read further down that Sri Lankan through Colombo has good availability.

Our plan is pretty flexible, ADL to Europe return, we just need to be in Munich for Sep 29-Oct 2 and thinking of staying in Europe for 2-3 weeks.

Any help is appreciated

Hi Spencer, the 297-day rule doesn’t apply to Qantas partners. You might have more luck with Cathay Pacific or Malaysia Airlines to get out of Australia and onwards to Europe. Sri Lankan via Melbourne could be good too.

As Bronze members, you’re unlikely to get anything on Qantas’ own flights (it’s similar for Gold/Platinum members too – the availability just isn’t being released). And unfortunately, both Emirates and Qatar Airways have seriously curtailed reward seat availability to Qantas Frequent Flyer, which makes flying to Europe with Qantas Points even tougher than before.


Thanks Brandon for this info