How to fly to Adelaide to Vancouver or Los Angeles with points?

Hello what is the best way to book from Adelaide to Vancouver or Adelaide to Los Angeles?? Wanting to go business class in July next year. I have no idea how to use frequent flyer points or what to book etc this is all very new to me. Thanks for your help in advance. C

Ok so there are some things you want to outline first before booking flights. Firstly, look at what and how many points you have. Then, look at how to use those points to get flights. Finally, find and redeem!

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That is what I wanted help with! Wanting to go business class two adults. Where is the best place to book and how many points would I expect To use etc

You would need 95500 Velocity points+ taxes to fly Sydney to Los Angeles (book via Virgin Australia website or call Velocity help line).

You would need 96000 (business) Qantas points + taxes to fly Sydney to Los Angeles (book via Qantas website or call Qantas help line).

I would highly recommend starting your Point Hack journey with the free email course. Link here.

Once you have completed the course, feel free to come back and ask more questions.

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What points currencies do you have (Qantas points, Velocity points, AMEX, Commbank, etc) and how many?