How to fly Sydney to London in business or first class with Velocity points?


I am new to this so would really appreciate some advice. I used to fly a fair amount for work and have accumulated approx 850,000 Velocity points. I am currently a Gold member but suspect i will lose this status after one more year (i have just qualified for another year). I still generate Velocity points through Flybuys and Credit Card purchases.

I wish to travel to London to visit my ageing parents. I would really like to try and fly first class but would consider business also. I have read a lot of your reviews on airlines and the different types of first class/business they offer.

How should i best use my points? I am VERY flexible in terms of flight date and days of the week etc. I will fly any major airline although my preference is Singapore Airlines if i had the choice.

I have scoped up a reward business flight on Virgin Australia but this is about 600,000 points and about $700 in fees. I am not sure that is the best use of my points from reading other articles on here?

Really would appreciate some advice.

Hi Richard,

You want to go for Business Reward seats or First Reward seats (you have to call up to redeem first class Singapore Airlines as far as I recall). Reward seats costs way less points but are limited in availability. Any other form of seats like anytime seats give you very poor value for your points.

Oneway business class costs 139k Velocity points and first class costs 203k Velocity points.

You could also transfer your Velocity points to Krisflyer for better availability. 1.35 Velocity points for 1 Krisflyer miles.

Oneway business class costs 105k Krisflyer miles (141.75k Velocity points) and first class costs 148k Krisflyer miles (199.8k Velocity points).


The flights i had found online were listed at far higher points than that. As you mentioned Krisflyer has more availability i probably need to get myself a Krisflyer account to start looking for availability. Then when i find flights transfer the points over. Thank you.