How to fly Peru to Europe with Qantas or Velocity points?

Can anyone advise on how to get from Peru to Europe on points? We have plenty of Qantas and Velocity points and are flexible on dates between 15-30 May this year and also flexible on European destinations. Thanks!

You’re Qantas Points is the most useful here. You could fly from Lima through to USA and then onwards to Europe with American, British Airway, Iberia and LATAM. You could also fly to sal Paulo or other South American cities which LATAM fly to Europe direct. Furthermore, there is a direct British Airways and Iberia service to London or Madrid from Lima which you can go to other places in Europe Fromm there. With velocity points, you could try flying Alitalia from Santiago to Rome but that’s would involve a separate ticket for a trip from Peru to Chile…

Thanks very much. Do you know what would be the easiest way to search for these flights?

Qantas website for oneworld flights. If using Velocity points, try Virgin Australia website or Delta airlines for Skyteam airlines. Failing that, give VA a call.

For one world airlines (and to use your Qantas points), searching through the Qantas website should be perfectly fine.
For redeeming your points on Velocity, I find their search engine incapable of searching these complex routes so I use a skyteam search engine like Air France/KLM’s website to search for Alitalia space who is also a Skyteam member

Thanks for your responses - managed to book LATAM business from Lima to Sao Paolo to Madrid by calling up Velocity.

Curious to see how you booked this. As far as I know, LATAM is not a partner of the Velocity program.

You’re right! Sorry it was Qantas! 121K points. I wasn’t able to book online from Peru as it doesn’t come up in the search but they were able to book it over the phone.

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