How to fly Melbourne to London in business class with Krisflyer miles?

I’m looking to travel business class Melbourne to LHR return, 2 people. I have enough Krisflyer points to cover one fare but struggle to find a fare on Singapore for under 8K. Am I better off just paying for 2 cash fares on another airline and keeping the points?

You could certainly do that if you can afford it. I would suggest booking 2 one-ways to London and then a separate cash fare on the way back. There’s not much premium in doing one-way tickets and you can choose another cheaper airline to fly back.
I assume that you have about 240,000 Krisflyer miles and at that point, the best value is actually the Krisflyer round the world redemption which is only 8000 more points than a return Melbourne/London business trip.

thanks for reply. I will look into that.

Agreed. I used 278000 for two one way business class and then got two one way premium economy home for $2850 each.

I’m not sure how many points you have, but perhaps consider flying Melbourne to Istanbul or Morocco (I think from memory are only 85,000 points one way in business class as they are not classified as “Europe”) and pay a cash fair to get to London.

Alternatively, pay to fly to Singapore in economy and get return business class from there to London, so your longest leg will be in business?

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Thanks all for your input. Have booked 2 business class fares on Vietnam Airlines to London for about the same price as 1 ticket on Singapore airlines! I’ll keep the points for another day.