How to fly from Melbourne to Brazil with Qantas points?

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We have ~700k in Qantas points and are wanting to use for our weddings flights to Brazil in Apr 23. Departing MEL,AUS mid/late March 23 with a stop over on the return in Europe early May 23.

Struggling to find any reasonable options that aren’t 1M+ points. We’re open to other carriers to.

Flight exploits and hacks would be appreciated.

Hack on!!

Given the pent up demand after Covid with everyone redeeming their points, it is harder than normal to find filghts but it isn’t impossible.
I think the 1M+ points options are points plus pay flights. What you want to redeem are the much cheaper classic rewards flights. You can have a read of the differences here:

A good hack is to use the multi-city booking tool in the Qantas website that gives you a calendar view if you tick the “flexible with dates” checkbox when using points.

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Thanks DJTech…we’ll give it crack.

Thinking of return flights MEL to Europe - somewhere then separate return flights to Brazil from Europe.

It hard to use points when you have limited flexibility. Probably will end up using the points on an expensive kettle :frowning:

Not sure if Qantas offer after purchase upgrades? Have done this recently with Qatar where we booked Economy and upgraded to Business for $900 for a 14 hour leg.

I know there is a bidding system where you could upgrade and there is a points upgrade system as well if you are travelling on Qantas. Alternatively, you can always change your Economy ticket to a Business one for a small change fee of around 6000 points - this applies for all award tickets, not just Qantas ones.

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