How to fly from Brisbane to Phuket with Virgin or Qantas points and Travel Credits?

Hi All.

So looking at going to Phuket with my wife and child for holiday in October/November for 2 weeks. I have a few options as member of a couple frequent flyer programs and have some travel credits to use that will expire. So looking for best options/recommendations on how to maximise this. So here goes:
Emirates - 30,000 roughly frequent flyer points
Qantas - 206,000 + $450 Amex travel credit + 4 qantas lounge passes
Velocity - 20,000 points + $350 credit.

I am open to flying with one and back with the other and/or would like to go premium or even business if possible. From Brisbane to Singapore then Singapore Phuket then return for 2 week holiday.



As far as I can tell, this is a bit problematic.

You don’t have enough Emirates or Velocity points for much (though you could use your points to fly into Sydney where there are more options).

You could probably do something with your Qantas points, but not if you want to go business class via Singapore. There are four airlines that fly to Phuket from Singapore: Singapore Airlines (actually SilkAir), Scoot, Air Asia, and Jetstar Asia. You can’t use Qantas points for the first three. As for Jetstar Asia, I don’t think it has business class.

So your options are to fly economy into Phuket from Singapore (though of course you could use Qantas points to fly business into Singapore) or to fly via another city, or to pay.

My strategy would be to use your Qantas points to fly to Singapore in either business or economy (I might be wrong but I don’t think you have a PE option out of Brisbane), then use your travel credits to pay for cheap economy flights on SilkAir or one of the budget airlines to Phuket.

If you really absolutely have to use points to fly business or PE all the way into Phuket via Singapore, my strategy would be to spend a year building up your Velocity or KrisFlyer balance thanks to you and your wife signing up for, say, two credit cards each with hefty sign-up bonuses … and then go next year.

I’m not sure if this has helped but this is a tricky one!

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Thank you for the response, I think we do not have enough for Business from Brisbane, did a play around with points and think we need over 400,000 for all three of us to go Brisbane - Singapore , Qantas business. So maybe back to the drawing board…

Make sure you selected Classic Rewards or Points during the search. Brisbane - Singapore oneway in business should be 60k pts + taxes per person. This would be flying Emirates or Qantas.

Thanks, I just checked and I can find return from Brisbane to Singapore for all three of us on Business for 360,000 flying with Emirates. or Economy there and business back for 264,000. Need some more points.