How to fly from Athens to Melbourne with Velocity points?

Hi guys, wondering if anyone would be able to help with a question I have.

We will be in Europe in July/August, and personally I would love to fly home from Athens to Melbourne in Business class, using my points.
I have signed up for a few different frequent flyers, but I only have 88K in Velocity points at the moment, but I am building and plan to earn points flying over there.

I am happy to use cash and points, I am just wondering how/would this even be possible?

Any advice on how I could do this would be great!


Hi @lockiebender95

This could be do-able if you’re willing to be flexible. However in your post you alternate between using “we” and “I”. Getting enough points for two to fly in Business class will be much more of a stretch than if there’s just one of you. I’m going to assume in my answer below that there will be one of you.

The first thing you need is enough points. You’ll need 139,000 Velocity points to fly from Athens to Melbourne in Business class. You already have 88,000 points, so a credit card with a decent sign-up bonus should get you the points you need, potentially within a month or two.

You then need to book your reward flight (though you can start to research routes and availability before you have enough points to book). You’ll be booking relatively late (the best reward seat availability is 11 months out), so you’ll need to be flexible and persistent.

If you’re flexible with dates and airports, it should be relatively easy finding flights out of Athens or another nearby European destination such as Istanbul, Milan, Rome, Bucharest etc into one of the hubs serviced by Velocity’s partner airlines (Doha, Abu Dhabi, Singapore). The bottleneck will be the second flight, into Australia. If you can’t find availability into Melbourne, look at Adelaide, Brisbane or Sydney. As a last resort, you might need to fly into southeast Asia and take a separate flight into Melbourne from there.

Once you have the points and you’re ready to book, feel free to pop back here and we’ll be able to help you find what’s available at the time.

[If there’s two of you, getting enough points will realistically only be possible if your partner helps you out by taking up a credit card or two themselves].

Hope this helps!