How to fly from Adelaide to Rome using Qantas and Amex points?

Hi everyone, looking for some advice on how I can use my Qantas points to get to Rome from Adelaide.
I have over 900k points but can never find a seat, I’m looking at flying over from September 15th but need to be in Rome by the 22nd. I also have around 600K in my Amex account which I wanna transfer to another airline most likely skywards because of the link with Emirates. Is there a better way to do this. The only destinations I fly is Australia to Europe.
Thanks in advance.

If you just want to use your points to travel economy, then there are plenty of seats available. But if you are looking at premium cabins, I suggest you try different city pairs like Brisbane to Rome or Sydney to Rome instead of just Adelaide. Also, consider flyig to other european cities like Paris or Frankfurt.
In terms of transfering your points, Skyward points are not great value so you need a lot of them for just one ticket. I would usggest Aisa Miles if you are looking to book OneWorld flights or Krisflyer if using Star Alliance airlines. Find availability with both Star Alliance on and OneWorld at

Thanks for the tip, so if I transfer to Asia miles does this open the option to book flights from

Sorry for confusing you.
Asia Miles is the points currency that you can redeem for OneWorld airline flights (this includes Qantas, Cathay, Japan Airlines, American and others). You can search availability for OneWorld flights on all OneWorld airlines websites which in this case is Qantas (but you can also search on other OneWorld airline websites like American or Asia Miles’ own website). Whilst you can search for award space on these websites, you still have to use asia miles and book directly at asia miles’ website.

Singapore Krisflyer meanwhile is a currency you can redeem for Star Alliance flights (which includes Singapore Airlines, United, Lufthansa, Air NZ and others). You can search for availability on any of these airline’s website hence you can search on BUT to book you still have to a) use Krisflyer miles and b) book on

Similarly, if you want to use Qantas points to book American Airlines flights, you still have to book on and not American Airlines’ own website.

Thanks understood…please correct me if I’m wrong. I am under the impression that if you are a member of an individual carrier such as emirates you have a better chance of finding a reward seat? rather than trying your lock with one of the partnered airlines?

Whilst sometimes that is true where the airline releases more seats to their own programs. Qantas should have access to all the award spaces as emirates skywards. Usually, award spaces is released to both the airlines own program and partners except in the case of Singapore Airlines and some others. I’m not suggesting you not redeeming from the airline directly but you need to consider how much more points you are paying for the privilege of getting that extra bit of award spaces. In my opinion, the cost of Emirates Skywards is just too expensive to justify.

Thanks so much, looks like I should be transferring my points to Asia Miles, I guess it will also provide me with more flexability.

Seeing as you already have 900k Qantas points, personally, I wouldn’t be putting more points into oneworld if I can avoid it. Have points that access both oneworld and star alliance give you more chances of getting an award seat.

However, I believe Asia Miles may see more award seats for Cathay Pacific flights - not certain. DYOR.

Just my 2c.

I appreciate your response, I think Asia Miles may provide me with better options, I really only fly to Europe. This believe with the exception of Singapore Airlines I should have other Airlines covered?

Star alliance covers Singapore Air, Thai Airways, Turkish air. I presume you wouldn’t want to fly via Taiwan (EVA) and Japan (ANA). If these are not an option, you wouldn’t be missing out much.