How to fly business class to London with Qantas points?

Hi Everyone.
Look to book a trip to europe next year. 2024 summer
keen to get flights for business class on qantas and am looking at the moment.
there does not seem to be any business class flights avialbe a full year out even.
what are suggestions to get there in mid june. 2024 business.
Fly to SYD>London and home from Rome?
am reaady to book as soon as i find some
thanks in advance

Hi @joshhoward

You should be aware that Business class reward seats on Qantas flights to/from Europe are very difficult to come by, especially for people without Qantas FF status. I know from experience that it’s not impossible. But it’s very difficult.

You have four options, or a combination of the four:

  • Pay for someone/something to find the flights for you. You could use a service such as Award Flight Assist or you could subscribe to, and learn how to use, Expert Flyer, and set up a search.

  • Treat it as a personal challenge and log on every single day to see if seats have been released, and if so, try to snaffle them before someone else does.

  • There may possibly be still time for you to diversify and accumulate points in another FF programme (eg. KrisFlyer) where there is (currently) more availability and more options.

  • Be more flexible and be willing to search for flights into and out of cities other than Sydney, London and Rome. Also if you’re willing to fly airlines other than Qantas, your chances will increase exponentially. I haven’t been searching much recently, but my guess would be that your chances of finding a flight from, say, Adelaide to Birmingham on Emirates are significantly higher than Sydney to London on Qantas!

Finally, be aware that flights for (northern) Summer 2024 won’t start to be released until about July. So you can spend some time doing more research before then.

Let us know how you go!