How to fly business class from Sydney to Italy return with Qantas points in September 2019?


I currently have 400,000 Qantas FF points that I’d like to use in September next year, ideally for 2 return business class seats from Sydney to Rome (or somewhere close). I’ve noticed a lot of the Qantas classic reward flights have been booked out.

As I’m quite new to this I was looking for some guidance on the best way to use these points.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Joel,

First things first: depending on which airlines have reward seats available, you’ll need between 512,000 and 556,000 points for 2 return Business seats to Rome. So your first priority needs to be getting enough points so you can snaffle the seats if/when they do become available.

Alternatively you could book one-way reward seats now, and either pay for the flight in the other direction (safer) or wait until you have enough Qantas points to book the second trip (risky, because seats might not be available on the dates you want).

In my limited experience, reward flights to Milan are a little easier to come by than flights to Rome, so if you’re coming across some dead ends with Rome, Milan might be an option or even Venice. If flights are really hard to come by, consider anywhere  in Europe and hopefully you’ll be able to purchase a cheap flight to Rome from wherever you end up!

Hope this helps a little and all the best!

Perhaps consider buying a cheap economy ticket to Asia and redeem points in business class from there to Rome if you don’t have enough points.