How to fly Brisbane to Italy return using Velocity points?

This year I am looking at flying into Italy at the start of June and flying out of Spain late July. I have been trying to figure out the best possible way to utilises my ~120,000 velocity points for this trip and am struggling to find an easy solution. Ideally I would like to be able to use points to upgrade my Brisbane > Italy leg to premium / business. I am open to transferring to Kris or Etihad Guest as I understand this opens up alot more options but I am having trouble navigating all the variables.

I would be greatly appreciative to the hear the opinions of the point hacks community as to what my options are.

For a little more clarity my trip will consist of BNE - Italy (open to different ports) but with end destination being Naples. Then Naples > Paris > Almeria (I know this will probably have to be a Madrid port)> BNE

Thanks in advance.

You can take advantage of Velocity’s partnership with Alitalia. You can fly Virgin Australia’s Sydney or Melbourne to Hong Kong and then onwards to Rome with Alitalia. From there you can also use your points to redeem for Alitalia short-haul to fly to Naples, Paris, and your other European destinations. Same thing on the way back, but I suspect you only have just enough points for flying to Italy in Economy return.