How to fly Brisbane to Hong Kong return in business class with Amex Premium Ascent points (short notice)?

Looking to fly business class, needing two seats.

I’m wondering with all the options right now, how to best utilize my 480k Amex points I have on a Platinum Charge Business.

I know that the Velocity point thing expires in a few days, allowing upgrades to gold/plat with certain point transfers… but looking to see how I can best optimize using this.

Flights 27-28th March -> Return: 2nd/3rd April

Why don’t you book directly through Amex travel? Then you don’t have to stress about which program, seat availability, etc. Amex Platinum has the International Airline Program which supposedly provides special airfares on premium seats.

When I was looking last week, it was way more expensive. I might look again now and update.

Velocity is known to release unsold Virgin Australia business class seats closer to departure. Have a look. Good luck.

Transferring with in today or tomorrow would be a good idea since after tomorrow the offer ends. I think transferring to Velocity now is a good deal and I find the Melbourne to Hong Kong route has better availability than the sydney route. Also,availability is much better on the day time flight to Hong Kong versus the return overnight. However, I consistently find 2 seats available at the Melbourne to Hong Kong daytime flight. Also, Virgin does release last minute award space so if you can cut it fine, take the risk if you can’t find the space now.

This is what I was hoping. Disappointing Im only a few points away from platinum velocity status :frowning:

Updated though, would need 4 tickets. I would purchase 2, others would purchase 2. They have Velocity Gold aswell.

Guess Ill need to make the decision in the next few days.

The other reason I would go with Velocity, would be that OOL (Gold Coast) is my main departure, and they are the only ones with a lounge in domestic

I’ve found business rewards for 2 on Melbourne to Hong Kong on the 27th March.
Also found 2 seats in business for you Sydney to Hong Kong on 3rd April. Both are on Virgin Australia. If redeeming the the Hong Kong legs only will cost you around 240k points for 2 return or including the leg from Gold Coast OOL to Melbourne and the return from Sydney to Gold Coast OOL will be a total 286k. Transfer today to take advantage of the bonus! Also, redeem quickly!

Also if you are considering Oneworld, you can transfer to Qantas or Asia Miles and redeem Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong which I see business class seats for your dates too!

I have transferred all of my points (488k) all to Velocity today. That would be great if I can get onto that.

The event im going for is 28-31 march, so would need to be around those dates. :slight_smile:

I will see if i can find those…