How to find reward seats from Perth to New York with Velocity points?

Is there any chance of flying two people business class Perth to New York in 2023 with 500kk Velocity points? I’m new to this and struggling to find anything…am I missing something or do I just need more points? Thanks

I was randomly searching and saw 2 business class seats available flying Perth to New York on Singapore Airlines on 6 Feb 2023. Cost per person is 139,000 points and $117 one way.

So yes it is possible to find seats but you are just short on points for a return trip for 2 people.

Thanks Kris. Is that on the Singapore Airline website as I can’t see it on the Velocity one (I assume I would have to sign up for Krisflyer)?
And correct me if I’m wrong but I’d need to transfer 215,450 V points to get 139,000 KF miles so I’d be way short for a return trip :pensive:

Hi rusk74, I just checked and found three available seats from Perth to New York JFK in Singapore Airlines Business Class on 6 February 2023.

139k points + A$117.73 is with Velocity Frequent Flyer, as that’s the cap for a one-way Business Class reward on Singapore Airlines using Velocity Points. You should be able to see this on the Virgin Australia website.


Thank you Brandon. I will have a look on the laptop as I can’t seem to see it on my phone…not sure why!
Was hoping for later in the year, July/August but at least I know it is now possible if I just save up a few more points :blush:

You’re welcome! Just be aware that new carrier charges are being introduced that will add US$480 to a return Perth-Singapore-New York ticket if booked after 5 October. So I’d definitely looking at getting it sorted as soon as the dates are available.

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