How to find reward flights to South America?

I cant seem to find any reward availability to south america direct from australia through Santiago. All award flights seem to want to take me through Dubai or London, taking more than twice as long to arrive as it would transiting in Santiago.

Admittedly, I am wanting to go around March/April next year which is Carnaval/Easter time but still. Any time I actually want to use my points I never seem to be able to.

Am I any hope of getting a reward flight to either Argentina or Brazil at that time of year, or should I just forget it?

If it is possible, how should I be going about it? I have Qantas points as well as points I can transfer to either Air NZ or Asia Miles which I believe offer redemptions to S America.

Is it possible to search for reward flight availability specifying the stopovers, or do you only find out on the Qantas website once you have gone through and selected the dates.

I suspect though the likely answer is that I am not going to find the reward flights I am after?


Hi joshuabox,

Try having a play with the multi-city tool on the Qantas website.