How to find out how many Qantas points I will earn on Emirates flight?


I’ve just booked a flight on Emirates and can already see how many Skywards Miles I will get.
It also lets me allocate Qantas as the frequent flyer program to allocate.
If I know the number of Skywards Miles I will get can I work out how many Qantas points that will end up being?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here you go.

Thank you.
I did see that, just wasn’t sure if the calculator there shows the same points as I would get if it were an Emirate flight. I guess you are saying it is. Also, I guess Discount Economy is Economy Saver on Emirates.

The most helpful thing is if you can find out your fare code (a letter/alphabet).

Websites like help you figure out how many points you will earn for a particular flight. I did a dummy search for an Emirates flight and it showed me under Qantas whether it is Discount Economy or not.

Hope that helps.

Hi Warren, appreciate the help but I can’t see any information for Qantas using wheretocredit. Every single option I choose says “Zone based”.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

Sorry that I have confused you.

If you don’t mind sharing the flight route and fare code (or whether is is Economy Saver, Economy Flexi) and your Qantas status, maybe I can try that on my end.

It’s all harder than it needs to be, to be honest.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to calculate something for you.

Ha it’s all good! Appreciate the help.
It’s from Geneva to Bangkok, fare code GJ I think. Economy Saver.

If you meant fare code G, this seems to translate to Economy.