How to find how much points it costs to fly on different frequent flyer program?

Trying to understand how to utilise my american express membership rewards as well as possible, I was wondering if anyone had the time and knowledge to explain to me the following, that would be amazing and so much appreciated.

I was wondering what the standard reward fares (when available), were for the following airlines

Melbourne to Thailand – Economy/Business
Air Asia Miles, Thai Royal Orchid and Kris Flyer.

I’ve tried to look myself but I’m unable to search on the majority of these websites unless I makes accounts for every one of them which is irritating.


Check out . Always double check as there are some gremlins (errors in the points/miles required).

I usually go to Google and search e.g. " Krisflyer award chart" or “Thai Royal Orchid award chart”

No need to sign up usually on the more popular ones. There are usually blogs that cover these charts as well.

Thanks for all that, the suggestions you gave proved to be quite useful. I’ve heard a lot about their being a considerable amount of value from redeeming membership rewards via Kris Flyer particularly given their reward seats. I took a look at their chart you mentioned and it did back that up. My only question is, in order to actually search availability of rewards seats, do I need to create an account? I tried the awardace site you mentioned and the idea looked great however it wasn’t loading any results for some reason.