How to find business class seats from Sydney to Santiago with Qantas points?

Hi everyone, new here, trying to find an award free business class seat from Sydney to Santiago as part of a Round the World trip with Qantas. Cannot find such a seat even for a year out? Is this normal or is Qantas scamming me somehow?

Hi @ianward,
Welcome… first, be sure to search using the Multi-City search (using Rewards & Flexible dates options). Flying from Australia (Sydney/Melb) direct is going to have limited availability. Try hopping to Auckland and then on to Santiago. If these bear no fruit, you’ll have to look at heading to the USA first and then down to Chile.

As an alternative, have you considered changing the direction of your flights if that was possible? Heading west instead of east provides some premium options via Dubai and Madrid/Paris/London - and opens some better possibilities for the return leg back to Oz (via Auckland or Sydney/Melb):

Thanks for your quick reply and suggestions. Going to the US and down to Santiago will throw me over the 35K mile limit. Looks like reverse might be the way to go. Cheers!