How to earn Qantas points from the Quandoo App?

So I was excited to read the Quandoo review on Point Hacks which told me I would receive 400 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points for downloading the Quandoo App, then acquire further points everytime I booked via the Quandoo App, then more points again when I paid the bill at the restaurant. Unfortunately, this information is NOT correct.

After installing the Quandoo App and contact them directly, I received a response telling me that Quandoo Points can’t be converted to Qantas Frequent Flyer Points…?

So, may I suggest Point Hacks remove this post before others fall victim to a false post…

It certainly does work, and Quandoo themselves outline how to do it

  1. Create a Quandoo Account (on the website)
  2. Link your Quandoo account to your frequent flyer account
  3. Install the Quandoo app, and log into your account

I myself have received all 900 Qantas Points. Just make sure you do things in the correct order.


I installed the App first, and then linked my QFF details to my Quandoo Account. Does the transfer of points to my QFF account happen automatically…?

You can actually earn 900 Qantas points for free for signing up and logging in to the app.

Can confirm this worked for a few of my family members. Just follow the instructions as is.