How to earn or transfer points to JAL Mileage Bank?

Hi All,

Can anyone help me with the following. I would like to transfer points into JAL Mileagebank.

  1. Are there any credit cards which have a direct transfer to JAL Mileagebank?

  2. What are the best credit cards (highest points earning and transfer rate) to transfer points into SPG?

  3. Is it possible to transfer points to JAL Mileagebank by purchasing points from the following:
    a. Aadvantage miles
    b. United Miles
    c. Lifemiles
    d. Alaska miles

  4. What would be the best way to purchase points and transfer into JAL (apart from purchasing points then transferring into spg then onto jal?)

Hi dojka,

  1. Not in Australia
  2. It seems only Amex Membership Rewards and Diners Club can transfer to SPG.  Loyalty Program Points Conversion Calculator You have to find a card above that earns you the most points (SPG) per $. We can't advise on credit card choice.
  3. No. You generally can't transfer from 1 airline FF program to another. Velocity-Krisflyer is a rare exception.
  4. Purchasing SPG points. (Do you have to use JMB to fly what you have in mind?)



Thankyou for your response.


It seems that JAL charges 100,000 miles to fly business class for the following destination:

Skopje Macedonia (skp) to Sydney Australia. (using Qatar with 1 stop)

The above is my route which provides the shortest flying time at the least amount of miles.  Only problem is getting JAL miles!!