How to earn another 80k Qantas points by September to make the Qantas Points Club first tier?


I am trying to earn enough points for the Qantas Points Club before my rollover date at the end of August.

I have had a Westpac Altitude Black card for many years and am also a Gold FF but still need ~60-80k points despite my regular monthly CC spend earn of around 3-6k Qantas pts.

I am thinking of applying for a different Qantas Reward credit card with a bonus of ~60-80k pts but am unsure which will deliver the rewards points in time to make the rollover date.

Could you please give me some recommendations? Most seem to have a 3month bonus point earn window which may mean the points dont arrive by the cut off date if i’m reading the terms correctly…

Thanks in advance,


Hi @Benjamin.riggall

We have to be a little careful because we’re not legally permitted to give financial advice about which credit cards to take out. Speaking generally, though, most credit card reward programmes tend to give the bonus points on or very soon after the date of the first statement after the eligible spending has been met.

In my experience, the exception has been American Express. I’ve never had an AmEx Qantas card (I focus on AmEx Membership Rewards points which are more flexible), but the bonus points have always come through within a couple of days of meeting the spending requirements.


Thanks for the tip @sixtyeight!

Some of them seem to say in the fine print that the bonus points will be deposited within 3 months of reaching the required spend which seems a bit ridiculous… I may have to look into an Amex if that is the only way to get them deposited before the rollover date. I’m only trying to make the first tier so i can get the status credits on classic rewards flights I plan to book for a RTW trip next year.

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

Hi @Benjamin.riggall,
I’ve found all the Banks credit the points within a very short period after hitting the spend limit. Those time frames in their PDS/T&C’s are more a guide than a hard and fast rule - probably more so just to cover themselves if they run into delays. I have found AMEX to take a bit longer but when using an AMEX branded institutions card (eg Qantas AMEX or Westpac AMEX) it’s been quick for points to arrive. If you can smash out the spend limit I think you’d be fairly confident to get the points awarded if it’s from a mainstream financial institution.

As a last resort, you can always buy points from Qantas. It’s not great value most of the time unless there is a bonus deal in place… but you’d have to do the sums for your personal situation and what your overall goals are to decide if your end goal is worth the short term “hit” to reach it.
Best of luck.