How to determine taxes/ surcharges on Qantas flight redeemed using Qatar Q-miles?

Hi guys.

I wanted to ask if anyone knows how much is the tax/surcharge fees, I have to pay if i am booking a reward seat on qantas airways using my Qatar Q-miles.

The points they require on Qatar airways webiste is 12,500 to fly from Perth to Melbourne. 1 way economy, but they don’t mention the surcharges/ taxes etc.

I have called the Qatar airways hotline as well 1300 340 600, but unfortunately i couldn’t get an answer as it gets disconnected in the middle.

Hope to get some help.
If i can get to know the website or any other contact detail to find out how much extra it would be.


Hi Hassan,

In case no one respond with specific info, I would hazard a guess that Qatar airways would only charge the usual taxes and surcharges, nothing extra on top. My estimation would be the same taxes/surcharge as what Qantas would charge if booked via their website.

Not sure how helpful this info is but you would still have to get through to an agent to find out and redeem anyway. Good luck with the calls.

Hi Hassan,

Thanks for your comment. I tried reading the comment but I think there is a bug in the commenting system.

Thanks W-hiew.

I ended up talking to Qatar airways agent finally, and to my surprise, the surcharge was 1340 qatari riyal which is equivalent to > 450 AUD.

I ended up converting my Q-miles to Le club accor hotels program. It takes 10 days to get them. I’ll post another response when i receive that.