How to decide where to transfer AMEX points before devaluation?

Like many, I am fretting about the April devaluation.

Am I crazy in considering sharing my points across FF schemes?

I don’t have any particular plans now, but am thinking of a June 2020 world trip for the family.

I have 700k QFF, and on AMEX have:

  • 830k that will not be devalued
  • 210k that is being devalued.

I am tempted to shift the 210k to AsiaMiles because they have cheaper options than Qantas. I would then have flexibility to shift the 810k to either AsiaMiles or Qantas.

Is this silly and I should keep it all with Qantas?

Why are some being devalued and not everything? If you have a platinum charge card call and get the programs linked then nothing should devalue

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I agree with daft009. Call AmEx, get the 210k points transferred over to Ascent Premium, confirm that those points will be doubled (just in case), and worry about where to transfer them later once your travel plans have solidified.

Tried this, but it did not work.

The second account is a Corporate Gold Card and they cannot merge the points with the platinum charge card.

So … the original question stands

Thanks for the clarification. In answer to your original question, no, it’s not a bad idea to share your points across FF schemes. Different schemes have access to different airlines, different “sweet spots”, etc. Don’t spread your points too thinly, but as a general rule it’s fine to have points in different programmes.

As for your specific strategy, it looks perfectly fine to me. Go for it, and I hope your world trip comes together in due course!