How to compute the miles required to book a rewards seat on Thai airways from Melbourne to Lahore?

Hi guys.

I need some advice/help on how to book a rewards seat on thai airways or how can i know that for a particular trip, how many points i need. The below link tells the one-way thai awards chart:

But it doesn’t tell how many points are needed to go from A to B.

Only the 1st column says Between Phuket and Chiang Mai, how many points are required.
The other columns don’t say how many points are required from 1 destination to the other.

I am specifically looking to go from Melbourne to Lahore.

The chart says the points according to miles, so i am not sure if the miles on the website are in total or from Bangkok or any of the other cities. As it says Lahore in the column 3 and Melbourne in column in 4.

So is that i need 38500 + 31500= 70k miles one-way from Melb- Lahore.

Any help in understanding this confusing awards chart will be much appreciated.


Melbourne to Lahore via Bangkok is 6619 miles, which falls into zone 5. So you’re looking at:

49,000 for Economy
77,000 for Premium Economy
89,000 for Business
129,000 for First