How to combine a work trip with a family trip with points? CBR/AGP/TLV


I have an upcoming work trip CBR-AGP (Malaga).
Because we’re coming from Aus, and some would like to stay/fly somewhere else - we have $1900 budget to use for whatever flights we want.

I would like to include a family visit in TLV (Tel Aviv) and wanted to get your take on which flights I can get.

Looking at separate one-way flights:
CBR-AGP $1000
TLV-CBR $1900

I was thinking flying return CBR-AGP (covered by work 100%)
And redeem AGP-TLV return with my Krisflyer miles 35K+~100 EUR

The only downside is the amount of flights on the way back (TLV-AGP 2 flights, AGP-CBR 4 flights)

Points balance:
540k velocity
48k KF miles
10k qantas
35k skypass

What would you do?