How to check taxes for rewards bookings on Singapore Airlines from Beijing to Sydney?

I have accumulated plenty of Velocity points and we are starting to plan to use them.

After a cruise next year we will end up in Nth China and I have been checking out availability for Beijing-Singapore-Sydney on Singapore Airlines.

I can get 2 J tickets on Velocity for 92000 each plus about $50.

I have also checked Krisflyer and can get 2 first class for under 100,000 Krisflyer points (but I can’t work out what the taxes will be).

I have about 150,000 Westpac and ANZ points that I can turn ( @ 2-1) into 75K Krisflyer points so I would need to convert around 160K Velocity over to Krisflyer to book the tickets. So I guess this cost in total is equivalent to 235K Velocity points plus tax for 1st Class vs. 184K plus $100 for Business.


Have I worked this out correctly?

How do I find out what the taxes would be as I cant see them when I check on Krisflyer?

Any other advice?

Taxes show in the top right when you select your flight.

You may have missed it as it will show in the local currency - when I put in a dummy booking for Bejing - Sydney in first class, I get 78,625 points + CNY 1,963 each, so I am not sure where you saw 2 ppl for under 100,000 points. 1,963 CNY = ~AUD$385

Sorry. I meant under 100K each. So now the decision is whether to pay the $$$ and points for 1st with Krissflyer or to book J through Velocity. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


When booking through Krissflyer do the taxes end up in the currency of where you are booking (AUD) or do they stay in the currency of origin and you pay the conversion forex rate?

If we book 1st class will we have access to 1st class lounges in Beijing and between flights in Singapore?

If we have a lengthy connection could we take a trip into Singapore and then return and get lounge access pre flight whenever we want of would we only be able to get airside 3 hours prior to boarding?



first or business would be your choice - but yes you get access to the lounge pre flight and during your connection at singapore. What planes service the routes you are looking at - if you can find the plane info you can get a better idea of what each class it actually like - older first class would be quite similar to newer business (IMO). It may also be the difference between suites or first class (on the A380)…

from memory you pay in the currency of the departing destination, so for this flight would be in CNY. I can’t recall if you have options to select your currency sorry. Perhaps a dummy booking would let you see without taking your points?

I am not sure about the rules of leaving the airport. If you want to get your bags off and recheck in- that would be a stop over, which I believe you can add for $100 on a one way redemption. If you simply had 8 hours or so to kill between flights, I am not sure if you are permitted to leave the airport, although they used to/perhaps still offer city tours on a free bus - but I don’t think you were allowed off the bus.