How to check availability and points required for flights from Perth to Hong Kong via Singapore (stopover)?

Hi all

I’ve been trying to work out how to use the free stopover perk from Singapore airlines to take my family on a holiday to Singapore and Hong Kong.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for how do I check availability of Kris flyer flights and how many points I’d need?

I have 200k+ Amex points and 200k+ Qantas points so I think that should be enough for 2 adults, 1 child & 1 infant.


Hi Adamn,

It’s a little unclear as to what you intend to do with your points :/ for now I’m going to assume that your intention is to use your Krisflyers to Singapore, and then book your onward travel to Hong Kong using your Qantas points and booking through Cathay but feel free to correct me if this isn’t the case.

Singapore’s stop-over offers are applicable only when booking a through fare onwards to a second destination, transiting through Singapore (i.e. when booking Sydney to Paris, via Singapore). I’m also fairly certain that these offers extend only to paid tickets, and that if your intention is to convert your Amex points to Krisflyers and then book the flight with those you won’t be eligible for the offer. At

As far as your flights go, your best bet is to book your Singapore flights through the Krisflyer site, and then use your Qantas points to get Cathay between Singapore and Hong Kong.

Also if you want a bit of a wow experience, see if you can get Cathay flight CX 636 to Hong Kong from Singapore. This is their brand new Airbus A350 aircraft, the newest in the sky, and it’s a very comfortable ride.

Hope that helps!


Hi Adam,

For Krisflyer, I suggest having a read of this PH page.

Singapore airline free stopover is for return redemptions. If only one way, you need to pay USD100 per passenger per stop over.


2 Adults + 1 child (considered as adult for redemption) cost 102k (econ) 165.75k (business) return flights. (half for one-way)

Surcharge & taxes total to: 893.72 (2 adults) + 371.26 (child) = ~$1265 (return).

You will need to buy infant tickets, which cost approx 10% of what an adult ticket cost in cash. So costs depend on which class you are flying.

Redeem for the 3 of you and then ring Singapore Airlines to buy ticket for bub. Agent would attach bub booking to one of the adults on your redemption booking.


2 Adults + 1 child (considered as adult for redemption) cost 210k (econ), 390k (business) return flights. (half for one-way)

Surcharge & taxes total to: = ~$629 (return).

With Qantas and Velocity, infant flies for free.

Other than the comparison of out of pocket cost, ultimately it depends on availability of award seats.

To search Singapore Airlines ->> select redeem and search as you would a normal revenue flight.

To search Qantas ->> Select Classic Rewards and search as you would a normal revenue flight.