How to cancel outgoing Qantas award flight but retain the return flight?

I have a precious Biz class Reward to Europe and need to cancel outgoing flight but want to keep the return leg. Any tips on how to do this without cancelling the whole thing ?
Thank you

I’m pretty sure you can cancel a leg of a rewards booking without affecting other legs if you call the Qantas call centre. You will pay a change/cancellation fee (I think it’s 6,000 points) but you should get the points and taxes refunded from the cancelled flight.
You can always call Qantas to check any rules before proceeding with the cancellation.
Be aware that they will recalculate the fees for your flight back though as the country of origin of your trip (no longer Aus but somewhere in Europe) has an effect on how taxes are charged.

Make doubly sure you get your e-ticket reissued whilst you are still on the phone. Plenty of nightmare stories of Qantas mucking up partner flights when changes happened voluntarily and involuntarily.

Totally. I lost a reward business flight when I rung up to just change something and the Qantas operator in the o/s call centre cancelled it. Once the flight is cancelled, it’s gone. Triple check with the operator before they do anything that they are not losing your flight.