How to calculate required Krisflyer miles to be used on Scoot flights?

Hi, I have a bunch of velocity points which can be transferred to Krisflyer and used on Scoot. Only problem is, the Scoot website doesn’t tell you how many points are required for the flight. It just says you don’t have enough (as my Krisflyer balance is zero. If it helps, the cost of the flight is $760aud). I tried calling Scoot and they could not understand what I was trying to ask…

Alternatively I thought about transferring points over to Krisflyer so I would be able to view the cost however is there a loss of points or a fee if I then transfer the points back to Velocity?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Jonathan,

If this article is correct, you can redeem KrisFlyer Miles on Scoot flights at a value of about 0.95 cents/point. So your $760 flight will cost just over 76,000 KrisFlyer points to redeem – not great value at all.

My suggestion would be to pay for the Scoot flight with money and save your points for a reward redemption later.

You’re right: points convert between Velocity and KrisFlyer at a 1:1.35 transfer rate, so you’ll lose a considerable number of points if you transfer your Velocity points speculatively only to discover that you’ll need to transfer them back. As an example, transferring 100,000 Velocity points to KrisFlyer and then back to Velocity will leave you with about 55,000 Velocity points – so definitely avoid that if you can!