How to buy points for South America flights?

Does anyone have any tips how to get to south America buying points atm? I am from Brazil and dying to get there but Qantas is not letting me get anything with points, any other idea I could do buying points elsewhere?

What is your points balance right now? We generally only recommend buying points if you are just short of the points required to redeem a flight. Otherwise, it often works out cheaper to just get a paid flight instead.

I have a really good balance, it should be enogh to go (more than 200k) but the problem is I cannot get any flights as latam is cancelling all and I cannot see availability with Qatar

That’s the problem with award flights nowadays although this should be getting better as the world recovers. Are you sure there are absolutely no options when you search on the Qantas website? You might have to try a few destinations in Brazil if there really is nothing. Emirates economy should at least be pretty readily available though not the best value.