How to book Velocity multi-city reward flights with Etihad and Qatar?


I am looking at booking flights to India from Australia using velocity points.
When I check MEL-AUH and AUH-MAA, the availability shows up individually on EY, but when I search MEL-MAA, the EY options dont show up. I cant do international multi-stop on the website. The same happens with QR on MEL-DOH-MAA.
What is strange on some days, it shows these married segments option in economy, but never see it on J.

So, I called up and they can do it. However, the pricing seems to be off.
From my understanding MEL-AUH-MAA is 9079 miles which should price at 121k miles.
However, they are doing them separately as MEL-AUH at 104k and AUH-MAA at 38k giving me 142k miles.

Is this correct? I thought if the flights were with the same carrier and the transit was less than 24 hours, it should price as one trip.


I’ve booked connecting QR flights before over the phone and they quoted me the price as one trip.

My suggestion is to speak to a 2nd, 3rd or 4th person. If they all quote you 142k miles then I’m not sure what else you can do.