How to book reward Qatar flights using Qantas Points?

Qatar is still part of the one world alliance, why can only virgin points seem to be able to book their flights?

Is there a way to book the reward Qatar flights using Qantas Points?


These articles might help clarify the reason(s).


This confuses me because these articles say you can still book using Qantas?

Technically, you can as Qatar and Qantas are still members of the same alliance. Actually finding award seats is another matter.

Hi @BowserSZN

Iā€™m pretty sure that this is the current situation.

Qatar initially releases award seats to its own Qatar Privilege Club members to book with Avios (approximately 355 days out).

Then, 330 days out, it releases award seats to Velocity Frequent Flyer members to book with Velocity points.

If those seats have not been taken weeks or days before the flight, it releases them also to Qantas Frequent Flyer members to book with Qantas points.

So Qantas FF members can book any reward flights that have not been taken ā€“ but QPC and Velocity members do have access to them first. In practice, it means that using Qantas points to book Qatar flights (especially in Business and First class) is not impossible, but very rare.