How to book return flights with a stopover or RTW using Qantas rewards?

Hi all!

Just wondering if it is possible to actually book a return flight with a stopover or a RTW itinerary using Qantas rewards on the website or does this have to be done over the phone?

Also I want to book an infant with a seat does that also need to be done over the phone?



Gday @rrapostola

It’s most definitely possible to book a multi-city flight with Qantas rewards, but, as Qantas doesn’t offer free stopovers, you would effectively be booking simply 3 sets of flights, using an example of Sydney to Tokyo, with a stopover in Singapore on the way back:

SYD - HND = 31,500 points
HND - SIN = 24,500 points
SIN - SYD = 25,200 points

Total = 81,200 + taxes and fees

Finding the flights themselves, especially for business class, is the real trick, but besides the point :wink:

In terms of booking infants (under 2 years old in Qantas’ eyes), any infants booked online are free of charge in terms of points atleast, but do not get assigned their own seat, and must sit in the parents lap. You can get a bassinet with a seat for a fee in Intl. economy, and free for Business, but these most likely are closer to the front of the plane, and anyone else travelling with you might be charged an extra fee to sit with you as well. This may be more flexible if you book over the phone, however, bear in mind there’s a $77 fee per passenger for intl. travel booked over the phone.

Hope this helps, and if you need more info re. infants, this is the Qantas webpage that I used: Information for parents travelling with children | Qantas AU