How to book return business class flights to Japan for March 2020 with Qantas points?

Hi folks,
Looking to book 2 x business class tickets to Japan (return) for late March 2020 (or so) with Qantas points. Ideally direct from Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane, but flexible if needs be.
Have I already missed the boat in terms of availability? Or can people suggest how I can book another route, but still get the business class experience?
Thanks so much,

Hi Claire,

Your timing may be just in time. See article.

Assuming you do not have Qantas status, it is nearly time for you to access QF flights in March 2020. Good luck.

Thanks for that – and who knows, I’ll have my fingers crossed!

Hi W.Hiew,

Good news – success with the flights! Melbourne > Singapore in first (!!!) with Emirates, then business to Tokyo with JAL, and then business Tokyo > Melbourne with JAL on the return.

A follow up question, I presume we will be able to access the Qantas/Emirates first class lounge in Melbourne, and also the Qantas/JAL lounges in Singapore and Tokyo with these tickets?

My thanks for your help!

:tada: well done!

Yes you should generally get access to the lounges you mentioned. You should be able to get into partner lounges.

Thanks, EXCELLENT to know.

Now I just have to work out where they all are! For the first class/business class newbie, all you have to do is flash your ticket?

Yes. Sometimes during flight check in, some staff/airline will try to direct you to their preferred lounge. But you can access multiple lounges if they are all available/accessible to you. Just show the boarding pass at the lounge check in desk, as it shows your first/business class cabin.

If you have plenty of time, you can try an activity called lounge hopping (similar to bar hopping).

Enjoy. It is hard to go back once you have experienced the pointy end :wink: