How to book Qantas reward seat from Qantas Chile website?

Hi all,

I have successfully booked a Qantas Rewards flight from Sydney to Santiago and am hoping to book a return flight from Santiago to Sydney. However, whenever I try to use the Qantas flight booking, or multi-flight booking, systems, it sends me to the Qantas Chile website and I recieve an error notification - it appears that no rewards seats are available.

Is anyone able to explain how I can book Rewards flights from Santiago? Or is it possible that this route is not covered by the Rewards seats program?

Thank you very much for your help.


Hi Sam

Try calling the Frequent Flyer call centre and explain your difficulty. They may be able to assist and waive the extra points needed for a call centre operator action.

Good luck

Two issues at play here:

  1. Reward bookings originating in South America cannot be booked online with Qantas. You must call. For more, here is the full list of non-bookable destinations.
  2. You must verify that there is award space. A way to do so is to use the multi-city booking tool on the Qantas website. For your first segment, enter something simple with lots of award space like Melbourne to Sydney. And then for your second leg, enter your desired Santiago to Sydney flight. You should then be able to see (if any) the award space for Santiago to Sydney. This beats waiting on hold over the phone only to be told there is no flights available!!
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