How to book Qantas Oneworld round the world trip for March - July 2024?


I have just over 750k points and i was trying to book a flight to Paris return - from Perth.

Originally the flight from Singapore to Paris was 650k QANTAS points one way, so i looked at a round the world itinerary. - I get i have booked way too late for this year, especially as i will only get silver in November…

And the round the world itenerary worked out to be a magnitude more. As in for just one leg (Or Singapore to Paris was just 700k points)

Can you please explain how i am doing this wrong?

Ideally i would love to book a single/ return trip to Paris for March 2024 (from any destination near Perth) but if i could make a RTW trip with a stop over in Canada or USA, it would make it unbelieveable as the gift. Yes i have left it way too late, as i thought it was their 50th the year after hah.

If i can’t do it for their 50th birthday i can at least give it to them for it…

Any help is greatly appreciated.

First of all, the 650K price tag is for Points + Pay flights (essentially converting your points to cash and paying for your flights). The low points prices for rewards are for Classic Flight Rewards which are much harder to come by.

The round the world booking works on the same principle. Instead of just looking for Classic Flight Rewards from Sydney to Paris, you are trying to find a number of these reward flights to go all around the world. Obviously, it works out cheaper to do this than redeeming each individually but the challenge is that everything has to work perfectly with every flight being available at the time of booking.

Consult the point hacks RTW guide for more details! It covers every thing you need and links to more things you might want to know!

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Hi @roguesoul86,
A quick multi-city search of your desired itinerary (Perth <=> Paris) in March 2024 turns up the following possibilities. To go there and back (not RTW) you’re looking at about 331,400 points per person for all legs in business class.
Hope this helps!


Thank you both for your help. It was greatly appreciated.