How to book Qantas "flexible economy" tickets?


When I use the “earning points and status credits” calculator on the Qantas website, it gives the option to calculate points / status earned for “flexible economy” tickets, in the box in the top right of each segment. Does anyone know how I can make sure that I book this type of ticket? is it only certain fare classes? There doesn’t seem to be any information on the Qantas website…

Thanks a lot

Hi Matilda,

Flexible Economy Tickets are usually the more expensive economy air tickets. For Qantas, it is called “Flex”.

When you make a booking search on their website, there would be multiple columns with different prices. There should be a column titled “Flex” (usually before “Business”)

As it costs more, please consider yourself whether the extra cost works for you for the extra flexibility and extra status and points.

Thank-you w-hiew, I did wonder what the difference was between the two economy columns…