How to book QANTAS classic reward flights when ports not available on website?

I have been searching for Qantas Reward Seats and a number of ports don’t even exist when I search for seats.
For example ex Doha - hub of a Oneworld partner !
I know the flights operate with Qantas partners but I can’t even populate the cities.

Is there a way to book these flights ?

I believe Doha is one of the cities which you can’t book online with the Qantas website. This is because Qantas doesn’t have a Qatari version of its website to process flights from Doha and so they don’t let you book it online. You need to call up if you are looking for flights from Doha.

Not sure if you’re aware but you can search for flights from Doha in the multi city section.
For your first flight, put in something like Mel - Syd, then put your Doha flight as the second flight. Choose any random Mel - Syd flight and you’ll then be able to see availability from Doha. You’ll only be able to book the Doha flight via the website using this method, which is unlikely to be helpful. Once you know of reward availability, you’ll need to call Qantas to book. Apparently they will waive any phone booking fees because your flight wasn’t bookable online, but I’ve never actually tried this.
Good Luck.

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