How to book Premium Economy seats from Brisbane to Hong Kong/UK with Singapore Airlines?

If I try to book a Premium economy flight from Brisbane to either Hong Kong or the UK I’m only able to book one of the two legs Premium economy and it offers the other standard economy.

I can select (for example) either Brisbane to Singapore, or Singapore to Hong Kong, as Premium Economy but not ever both. Pretty sure it’s the same for the UK (am doing it from October when Premium Economy from Brisbane to Singapore is an option.

Am I doing something wrong?

My best guess is one of the legs does not have premium economy available (i.e. the plane does not have that particular class of cabin).

I believe starting October, December and January, 3 of the 4 daily flights servicing BNE-SIN will one by one be swap over to the A350. Premium economy will be available between BNE-SIN once the A350 takes over the route.

By end of January 2018, 3 of the 4 daily flight would be serviced by A350. Great news for Brisbanites :slight_smile: