How to book oneworld RTW trip with Qantas points?

Hi guys, I am having an absolute nightmare trying to book our round the world trip with our points.

We have finally accumulated 560,000 so enough for the two of us to fly business rtw.

On the qantas site I clicked round the world and then selected classic rewards only.

selected all the countries in the right amount of segments and it would only show me a cash price of $30,000 and nowhere for me to pay with points!

Ive rung qantas and been handball all over the place for over an hour and then on the chat the exact same thing, and then im told you can not pay round the world with points, ONLY CREDIT CARD?

I don’t believe this is true? Can someone please help me as im losing my mind and quite flat after saving for so long and hearing this.

Any help and advice please send to my new email


Hi Benjamin,

sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble!

If you haven’t done so already you should read this Point Hacks article which clearly states that yes, you can use points — provided the flights are available (which is the hard part!).

As the article indicates, you may need to use the “hang up and call again” strategy. Sooner or later you’ll end up talking to someone who knows what they’re doing.

All the best!

What sixtyeight said. And you have to use the multi-flight selector (NOT the round the world one) - you’ll find that you have to tweak dates in order to get (available) reward flights that you want.