How to book internal flights in the US with Velocity points?

Hi Hackers!
I’m going to the US in July this year (2024), flying Qantas business using points (first time flying points!!!).
We’re landing in NYC and fly out of Dallas/ Fort Worth. I have a bunch of Virgin Australia points and I’ve previously read these can be used to purchase internal flights in the US.
Just wondering how I do this? Do I need to transfer my Virgin points to American Airline points? Do I login to the Virgin Australia website and then chose the flights when it transfers me to the US site?
Thanks in advance for your help!!!

Hi @MarisaC

Congratulations on booking your first business class flights using points! Award seats on Qantas flights to/from the USA are not the easiest to come by either, so you’ve done very well!

Yes, you can use Velocity points to fly domestically in the USA, through their partner United Airlines (not American Airlines, which is a Qantas partner). The article below will take you through how to do it.

A couple of quirks to be aware of:

First, if you want to fly United Airlines out of New York City, search for flights out of Newark airport (EWR), which is the airport that United Airlines uses in NYC.

Second, DFW is not a major United Airlines hub (it’s an American Airlines hub). United’s major hub in Texas is Houston (IAH). So flying from most parts of the USA to DFW on United will generally be via Houston. If you want to fly non-stop into DFW, you might like to consider using your remaining Qantas points to book an American Airlines flight.

Hope this helps!

Awesome!!! Thanks @sixtyeight!
PS. I’m only Bronze status too! I think I started looking for flights the very second they became available for searching! :rofl:

Qantas status will only affect how soon you see award seats on Qantas flights (QF metal); not on partner airlines.