How to book Dubai to Copenhagen with Lufthansa or Air France?

Okay, this one goes out to Sir Keith and General Michael Kao…

Thanks to you champions, my wife and I will be sampling Etihad F from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi later this year in the A380 apartments.

Now, the next leg is DXB-CPH. The easy solution is J on EK @50,000 QF points plus about $500 in taxes (boo Qantas!) each. But what I’d really like to do is AF or Lufthansa in F because you guys keep telling us how awesome the lounges are in Paris and Frankfurt.

Any solutions to this conundrum? I’m open to buying United points for LH and I’ve been properly chastised by General Kao about using points for AF. But how do the Yanks do it? Is it via Alaskan? Waiting to hear from you with bated breath…

As always…thanks.

Well, to my knowledge there aren’t any special tricks to Lufthansa redemptions, with the exception that generally availability opens up very late - possibly 2 weeks prior, and then again 3 days prior? But I’m not 100% on that as I haven’t ever chased an LH redemption myself.

Air France F redemptions I think are pretty much impossible unless you have some way of transferring over to their program directly, of which Citi Rewards with the Citi Prestige I think is the only way in Australia to do this (unless you have earned miles overseas etc etc). They are not bookable through partners to my knowledge.