How to book American Airlines flight with Qantas points?

Can anyone tell me why i cant book American Airlines rewards seats with qantas. On expert flyer I can see reward seats available fro a syd to vancouver flight on AA but when i go to qantas nothing is there. i also called them and they said they cant see it either? is there any other way to book the AA flight as reward seat?

What do you mean by that? As far as I’m aware, AA doesn’t operate a flight between Sydney and Vancouver?

you to can see the flights available on american airlines operated by qantas. but cant book them.
anyone know. how to do this with qantas points?

Ahhh the direct Qantas flight from Sydney to Vancouver. If you can see it on the AA website, you should be able to book it online with Qantas.
Have you tried calling QFF and ask them to look for the specific flight number with date?

HI i can see on AA website, there are about 7 seats , but nothing on qantas.
when i call they say they cant see any reward seats at all between mid Dec and mid Jan.

is there any way to book them on AA?
still trying to get from Sydney to JFK for chirstmas and from JFK to Vancouver then SYD mid jan

A typical rule of thumb is that an airline usually releases seats to their own members first and then to partner airlines. For example, you might be able to redeem points on certain Qantas flights with Qantas points that aren’t available to other partner frequent flyer programs like American AAdvantage. This seems to be happening in reverse, where AA members can redeem on these exclusive AA flights and these aren’t available to other oneworld partner programs like Qantas so that’s why Qantas can’t see them.

If you have AA points, you can certainly redeem them but if not, you should keep looking and remember to be suspicious. If you find AA flights on the AA website, that might not show up on Qantas’ end. BUT, if you find for example, Japan Airlines flights on AA website, that is most certainly going to show up with Qantas because they are both partners and they are very unlikely to be restricted to just AA or Qantas.

If in doubt, you can always verify on another website - like British Airways website or Asia miles ,etc.